Volt at World Pride 2021

Copenhagen and Malmø

"Across our continent, people of all colors and backgrounds are coming together as communities, celebrating their queer experiences, talk about loved ones and lost ones. They share their minds - how to use a binder, how to pick your first bra, how to come out to your parents, which pronouns to use, how to kiss a girl, how consent works, how to tell if he likes you...

Even in those member countries who are praised as the most liberal and open-minded, discrimination is a near daily occurrence. While diversity is a hot topic, our real life representation is still abysmal, visibility an act of bravery, equality a long shot. Some members of our union are warming to LGBTIAQ+ issues as other members disregard them completely, while striving for a nationalistic, prudish worldview further skewed by a narrow definition of faith...

We need  to live our lives right now, in equality, in Europe - especially in this year of pandemic, distanced but together. And for that we need you.

We need you - the queer women of color, whose voices are drowned out by a thousand men with the urge to explain.
We need you, the young trans guys who are afraid to ask out that boy from school, because they’ve been bullied into believing they’re not worthy of love.
We need you, the non-binary people who are frequently misgendered because others just can’t seem to remember their preferred name and pronouns.
We need your voices, within our movement, within our parliaments. We need your thoughts.
We need you, because we can’t make that vision of a united Europe a possibility if we don’t acknowledge your worries and needs.

That is why we need to stand up to bullies, be they on the schoolyard or sitting in parliament. Because you matter, and you need to be heard. We need to fix what is wrong in Europe, make sure that discrimination against anyone - but specifically against LGBTIAQ+ people, is being fought with all our might."

  • Opening statement Conny Kawohl - Co-Lead LGBTIAQ+ Volt Europa
    for the ONLNE PRIDE on 14 August 2021.
YouTube: Volt Pride 2021