Denmark's European party

Volt is the first pan-European party.
Volt has 131 elected officials and thousands of members with a progressive agenda across 31 countries.

Follow us as we change politics and support our run for the 2024 European Parliament !

YouTube: Damian Boeselager on Hungary's compliance with the rule of law conditions

Our 5+1 political ideas

Volt means a new kind of politics!

We are a citizen driven, bottom-up movement. Our policies are evidence based and pragmatic! Not based in ideology.
We need politicians to solve our problems, not create them and we need to help each other in forging strong communities - across borders!

We dream of a united Europe of citizens. A strong democratic community, who share best practices and boost and build our society.
We build our community on transparency, solidarity and the European values: Human rights and dignity, equality, freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

We are called Volt because we are Europe's potential and Volt has a universal defintion.
The value of Volt signals the potential energy in a system and we need strong, new energy in both local, national and European politics.

Volt is your party for our future! #NextGenerationEU

Climate. Labour market. Economy. Security. Health. Migration.

These challenges cross borders and cannot be solved by national parties alone. They require a Pan European mindset which Volt delivers!
Volt is the first Pan European political party and movement. Brexit, Trump and right-wing nationalism - shouting from the sidelines is no longer an option. By creating our generation's party and movement we say loud and clear: THE FUTURE IS MADE IN EUROPE!

Individual countries cannot solve our common problems.
So citizens across Europe have come together to create the first pan-European political party - based on community, not top-down control.

Our political ideas are based on science, rounded by our European values, on listening to citizens and empowering active citizenship. This is how we are building the society of the future.

Future made in Europe