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Kathrine Richter profile picture

Kathrine Richter

EP24 Candidate

"I firmly believe that lasting solutions for our future are found on local and European level. People are globally linked and we have to be internationalists."

Kathrine founded the Danish Volt chapter in 2018 and ran for the European Parliament in 2019 with Volt Belgium.
Has a Master in History from Copenhagen Univeristy 2008 with electives in Macroeconomics, international relations and social science.
The right turn in Europe, Trump, Brexit and a rising distrust at science and the European community activated her!

Jakob Overby Kirkegaard

Jakob Overby Kirkegaard

EP24 Candidate

Denmark must be involved in taking responsibility for the creation of a green and progressive EU, and the EU must be involved in taking responsibility for the creation of a democratic and green world.

Jakob became a member of Volt in early 2021, shortly after Volt entered the parliament of the Netherlands.
His Inner European was awakened while studying in England, where the effects of Brexit showed the importance of the union, while the international study environment gave him hope for a more multicultural world.
In 2021, Jakob graduated from Royal Holloway with a Bachelor in Classical Archeology and Ancient History.
Jakob took from his enrollment in Volt active part in the party's policy development, starting with an active role in shaping the party program for the local elections in Frederiksberg.
Since the end of 2021, Jakob has chaired Volt Denmark's Political Committee, and at the general meeting in January 2022 he was elected to the board of Volt Denmark.

Alexander Nielsen profile picture

Alexander Nielsen

EP24 Campaign and Strategy Co-lead

"Denmark is EU"

European by heart, Alexander found his way to Volt in autumn of 2018. Alexander is in charge of communikation and media relations and graduated from both Copenhagen Business School in European Studies and Southern Denmark University in International Security and Law.

DK - Ermal Asllani

Ermal Asllani

Leader Sønderborg

"I have always believed that there is no chance of individual cross-border crises alone." - Ermal

Frederik Larsen

Frederik Larsen

Board Co-Chair

"The illusions of the past years are gone with a great war in Europe and rising temperatures. Politics have to be done in a completely new way where the citizens dare to look beyond their nation state and Volt is the pioneer. That's how the future is made in Europe!"

Bachelor in Computer Science and Master in Biomedical Engineering from Aarhus University. Has a keen interest in communication and how we can use it to strengthen collaboration across Europe. After the Corona lockdown in 2021, Frederik felt the need to be part of a political community and here Volt was a perfect fit: the goal to bring together the good forces in Europe so we can face the big challenges and build a better future for our continent.

Ina Hoogeland

Ina Hoogeland

Board Co-Chair

"Now is the time to get engaged. Technological development, the fight against climate change and increasing frustration with the way politics is done open up the opportunity to shape our future, and we need everybody to join the conversation!"

Ina has been a member of Volt since April 2021, and has been active in Volt Denmark, Volt Spain and Volt Europe.
She has an academic background in BSc International Business from CBS and MSc Security Risk Management from the University of Copenhagen, with a focus on environmental and climate policy.
She is passionate about involving more people in politics, adding positivity and nuances to the political debate, and for a common European vision!

Keith Brander profile picture

Keith Brander

Policy - Global Balance

Keith Brander focuses on Volts environmental policies, climate changes, sustainable uses of natural resources and protecting eco systems and biodiversity. Focus for 2021 will be finding ways in which Volt can impact the European Green Deal (EGD) to reach our ambitions in relation to climate, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and a sustainable economy where transition is equal and open to all.
Keith arrived to Denmark in 1996, worked in the International Oceanic Council and DTU and recently became a Danish citizen. He co-authored several reports for the UN Climate Panel which won the Nobel Prize in 2007.

Mathieu Pouletty profile picture

Mathieu Pouletty

Treasurer and candidate for the Municipal Election in Frederiksberg

"I support Volt because I am a European and our values must shine a light in the dark."

Mathieu is born in France and has lived in Denmark for 20 years. At 24, he was elected to the Paris city council and owns a shared office space in Copenhagen.

Thor Larholm EUR Policy Lead

Thor Larholm

EUR Board member

"Danish problems require European solutions."

Thor has been a member of Volt since 2018 and led several international teams. On a daily basis, he works as a CTO for a tech startup. He is responsible for the development of our common political program in Europe.

DK - Tristan Jeberg

Tristan Jeberg

Member Sønderborg

"Volt gives me the opportunity to be involved in culturally diverse environments and gives young students like me the opportunity to influence how we want to shape Europe and our future." - Tristan

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