Welcome to the question page - a short summary of answers to questions that we have received over time and which we hope can answer the most pressing questions. Otherwise, just use the box above and ask us questions via email

These three phrases express what we stand for and you can find them on our flyers and our election program:

- Our common challenges must be solved together
- The green economy must be run together
- The citizen at the heart of a democratic Europe.

Hvis du vil vide mere om vores politik, så kigger du bare her: www.voltdanmark.org/politik

What is a Pan-European Party?

  • Volt Europa is the first pan-European party. Instead of national parties solely rooted in national issues, we seek to look beyond our borders and look at how we can make Europe better by more cross-border cooperation. We believe that it requires a better structure and therefore we believe that a pan-European political party that is locally rooted responds to the need for more cooperation.
  • Volt is not a transnational party where candidates from one country are running locally in other countries. We are locally rooted in a strong, common political agenda
  • Pan-European policy at citizen level is needed to create better coherence in Europe.

How to make Pan-European politics?

- how do you reach an agreement?

  • Based on the six basic European values, Based on the six basic scientific methods and experiences, we seek to solve the problems we face. This is how we collaborate across borders and create coherence, because we have a common focus area and a solid, common set of values.
  • Politics is proposed and developed by Volt's own members and in collaboration with think tanks, professionals, citizens and research in the field. We want to see policies developed jointly with representatives across borders so that we can have a rich perspective on our challenges and solutions. The broader inclusion in the development, the more support in the implementation.
  • Volt's policy is also adopted by voting of Volt's members at annual or semi-annual policy meetings. An internal policy discussion is taking place and here it will be possible for members to make proposals and make the proposal better.
  • As we become wiser, so does our policy.

How is Volt different from other parties?

- and does Europe need another party?


Yes, a new party is needed!

New political voices are needed when agendas change and when citizens are not heard. The democratic dialogue in Denmark can seem like a closed country with a high barrier to democratic participation in parliamentary and European parliamentary elections.
Therefore, it is necessary that politics is not just for a select few, but for all of us.

And if we are to change society, then we must be more about the task and do it together!

Volt therefore has no Youth Party either - all our members are part of Volt Europa, so one can help influence Volt's development from day one. Volt is the first …

  • ... European party in Denmark with a vision for Danmark in Europe;
  • ... party where the vision is that you should be able to vote Volt no matter where you are in Europe;
  • ... party that takes a fresh stand against top management in Danish politics and includes citizens every day, not just up for election;
  • ... party that takes a stand against nationalism in Danish politics;

  • ... party that can easily speak of a federal Europe.

How was Volt started?

- as the antithesis of Brexit and the right-wing turn in Europe


The seeds for the Volt were sown by Italian Andrea Venzon, French Colombe Cahen-Salvador and German Damian Boeselager already in 2016. Brexit, Trump and the trends in 2016 were not to be overlooked, but when they were looking for a party that could take the fight up came they to the same conclusion: There was no real European party!

With Trump's inauguration in January 2017, the undertone was both fascist and nationalist, and with a look back at Europe, it was clear that Europe could go the same way if nothing was done!

However, the answer was not another national party - but a pan-European party!

So, on Brexit day on March 29, 2017 when Article 50 was triggered, Volt was just a Facebook page and a handful of people who were ready to take the chance.

Today, Volt Europe has parties in 16 European countries, has established legal status in Belgium and people from all over the world can sign up for Volt Europa as a regular member, vote on policies that apply to the whole of Europe and create the change, both local and European, that you want.

What does Volt stand for?

- hint: neither Wolt nor Getvolt


Volt is not an abbreviation. Volt is the international unit for measuring electrical potential. We chose this name to bring new energies to Europe and because it represents our energetic and efficient team. In part, the international word enables us to use the same word across Europe.

How is Volt financed?


We are so far a voluntary organization, but our goal is to become more professional so that we can buy people free to do what drives them: European politics!

Each national party donates a percentage of membership fees to Volt Europa every year.
You can support Volt Europe in its entirety via our main page:https://www.volteuropa.org/donate

In addition, we often have local Fundraiser campaigns to support election campaigns and here in Denmark you can donate directly! With small funds you can go a long way - if you think we need a real European party in Denmark, then we accept donations via Mobilepay.

Does Volt represent only EU Member States?


No, as a pan-European movement, we will be present and stand for election in every European country. We have branches in Norway, Switzerland and Albania and we have one Volt Abroad facebook page for all those who live outside Europe but want a European party to vote for.

Why should I vote for Volt?

- you can also just give a voter declaration!


With a voter declaration, you help give us the opportunity to stand for parliamentary and European parliamentary elections. That does not mean you have to vote for us in an election, but you do support us getting on the ballot.

You get started with the voter declaration here.

Vote for Volt if … ...

  • ... Volt represents YOU
  • ... you want more Denmark in Europe
  • ... you want politicians with visions and an international outlook
  • ... you want better contact with your elected representatives
  • ... you want policies based on science and best experiences
  • ... you want a more international Denmark

There are lots of reasons why people vote - do you want to inspire others?
Share a Tweet and tell everyone why you think Volt should be on the ballot!

Are you allied with major political parties?


No. However, we enter into election campaign alliances with like-minded people so that we do not waste votes unnecessarily. We are pragmatic about our main goal of more Europe in European politics.