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We are 500 million people in Europe and for the first time, a political party is trying to unite us, share our best practices and strengthen citizens' voices on local, national and European level!

Volt is YOUR party because YOU know we are stronger together.
Help us grow, support us today! Let's change the way politics is done!

Help Volt in Portugal!

Volt is running in Lisbon, Porto, Santarém and Coimbra!


1 year ago, Volt Portugal had submitted 7500 signatures and was made an official political party. Now, they are sporting 200 members and are ready to spread the Europeanness to their local elections!

Can you help?

You can donate by transferring the amount you wish to help us with to the IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5895 6790 0027 2

Donation Volt Portugal

Warning! Portuguese law only allows donations from individuals.

Where are we running?
4 Districts will have Volt on their ballot!  Lisboa, Porto, Santarém and Coimbra, including several municipalities within these Districts. This will be our first ever campaign and we are VERY EXCITED!

How will your boost contribute?
Your donations will be used in the next 3 months to buy placards, merchandising, flags and to finance our local teams in order for them to participate in coalitions and to organise their own local campaigns. We will also use this boost to afford campaign-related services such as flyering, an online shop, and a headquarters storage room.

Got questions or do you want to help in another way?
We are more than happy to answer all your questions! You can always get in touch with Volt whereever you want by emailing

Municipal Election 2021 - 1st fundraiser a massive success!

Volt gets a bus ad!

YouTube: Successful fundraiser! Volt is running in local elections in 2021!

Volt is changing politics! Support our 2021 election campaign!

Global warming requires changes from all of us, including the way we do politics because climate change truly knows no borders!
Volt is running for the municipal election in November 2021 to connect Denmark and Europe and to share the best solutions to fight our shared challenges!

To enable change, we need everyone involved so we are working hard to make sure citizens are engaged, heard and activated as we build a greener and more sustainable society.
For us in Volt, this means Citizen Initiatives towards biodiversity and innovation, boosting our European networks and electrifying our transportation network to benefit citizens, commuters and society!

But did you know that only 4% of Danes are members of a political party? Fewer still decide who runs for elections and this constitutes a democratic problem! One that Volt is already solving!

70% of our members have never been part of a political party - we use new democratic tools to build inclusion and we use bottom-up strategies to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

So if you want to fight global warming, if you agree that we need social change, please support our election campaign today!

For 6 days, from 20-25 February we matched every donation 1 to 1 and by Friday 26 February, we received the 25.000 DKK needed to secure a bus advertisement that will run for 4 weeks before the election in November 2021.


Help our Italian friends run for elections

Local actions with a European network


In Italy, our Volters are often running against very established parties and they rely on donations in each of the elections to manage. Go to and support Volt in Italy!

Partner up

You can support Volt your way - maybe you have resources that you want to put at our disposal? We operate with full transparency and want companies, institutions and people to love working with Volt!

Maybe you can help with hosting a fundraiser, host a debate or even an election party?

Reach out on and let's chat!