Our Policies

In Volt we know that one policy does not stand on its own. This is why we have collected our policies in 5 overall challenges - and a sixth: EU reform.

We update our policy as we learn, as science innovates and when it is paramount for us to do so. For us in Volt, politics is about engaging with society and that requires us to constantly get smarter and find better solutions. We refer to facts and best solutions, and in an increasingly fact-averse world, this is the best way forward.

Our founding document from which we build all our policies. This is constantly evolving through a joint European process where members participate in its development and vote on its adoption.

Our political programme, on which we ran our 2019 European Parlimentarian election campaign and which guides our European Parliamentarian Damian Boeselager in his work.

We have set broad priorities in Denmark and it begins by looking outwards, beyond our borders and taking an active part in our shared Europe.

These are the headlines of our policies that we are constantly developing:

Smart State

An Innovative State


An innovative state improves conditions for society as a whole and benefits from its development. This means focusing on infrastructure, equal access to services and learning from others.

Here in Denmark, we will focus on improving the conditions for getting an education - not by leaving it to companies to demand researchers who can solve today's problems, but by creating the courage in Denmark to look to the future and invest in more free research.

We want to strengthen all parts of the education system. Children and young people must have greater access to guidance so that they become more aware of their options, and we must put critical media consumption on the agenda. Language must be an essential part of our education system, and we want this to apply to migrants in Denmark too. Danish as a foreign language must be free and accessible, because language is a gateway to understanding a country's culture.

An innovative state takes care of its citizens and at the same time is ready with flexible solutions. We therefore want to strengthen both our digital AND our human solutions. Secure sharing of health data must be accompanied by resources that do not fail patients or our valuable caregivers at all levels.

Volt wants a cohesive society that empowers citizens and allows them to contribute new ideas and solutions where it makes sense.

Economic Renaissance

Rethinking economics


To meet the challenges of the future, we want a rebirth of the way we think about the economy in Europe.

This is something we can only do together, but it requires the whole of society to be able to make the necessary choices in everyday life.

At European level, we want a flat, fixed tax on the large international companies operating in Europe because, by having tax collection at European level, it will remove the possibility of working with tax havens and it will increase transparency.

We want to improve opportunities for small and start-up businesses by focusing much more on Open Source software solutions.

Our future requires cooperation, because we are together on this earth, so let's start by helping each other to create new economic opportunities that fit with technological and ecological realities.

Finally, the mandate of the European Central Bank must be increased so that we can see an expansionary fiscal policy in the Eurozone so that Europe has the same financial tools as, for example, the US dollar, the British pound and the Japanese yen.

Citizen Empowerment

Civic action will change politics!


We want to strengthen the voice of the individual citizen in everyday life, so that it is not only at elections that you are listened to.

One of the strengths of the Volt is that we actively share good solutions across borders.
It should be possible for citizens to participate in citizen consultations so that their concerns and ideas are incorporated into solutions.
Volt actively supports initiatives that foster good democratic conversation.

For example, a pan-European news service that makes news from across Europe available to all Europeans in their language so that what is happening in other countries is easier to understand.

To have a participatory democracy, Volt wants to enable citizens to participate on their terms, digitally, in person or transnationally.

Social Equality

NO to discrimination and NO to leaving people behind!


We still see a lot of discrimination against minorities, LGBTIQ+ and access to abortion is still illegal in a handful of European countries.

Volt is actively working for equality and wants to lead by example. We need to be more courageous and human in the way we work with homelessness, abuse and domestic violence and implement the solutions that we can see are having a positive impact.

Volt wants an equal society where individual potential can be unlocked, and here Volt wants to lead the way and take greater responsibility.

Global Balance


At skabe en global balance handler om at se på cirkeløkonomi og den måde vi anvender ressourcer på.
Vi kan på europæisk plan strukturere produktionsmuligheder for at øge omstillingen til cirkulær økonomi, som netop ser på at løse vores globale ressourceforbrug.

Vi har set disse omstillinger før i mindre skala men for fremtidens skyld må disse omstillinger skaleres op.
Vi ønsker at introdudere en europæisk kul-skat og standse al støtte til udviklingen af fossile brændstoffer.

Den vestlige verden står for en meget stor udledning af CO2, og derfor skal vi også gå forrest i udviklingen af løsninger.

+ EU Reform

Making Europe work for citizens!


The European Union is our common project. After centuries of conflict, together we have managed to create a Union that has ensured peace and prosperity for over 60 years. We are proud of this achievement. The EU has limits, which is why Volt advocates institutional reform.

We want to reduce the role of the Council in the EU over time and we want to give MEPs the opportunity to propose legislation as soon as possible. This right is now only possible for the Commission, and here Volt wants to democratise the EU in a very fundamental way.

We are striving for a more federal Europe, where we are united on several things - such as foreign policy, financial policy and defence. This, combined with a strong principle of subsidiarity, will strengthen both Europe as a whole and us citizens.

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