Volt Frederiksberg

Think European, act local!

Vote Volt on 16 November for
Citizen Participation, transparency and a strong local connection with a European perspective!

Welcome to Volt Frederiksberg.

For the local election on 16 November, we have put together this amazing programme for you with point of departure in civic inclusion and our real challenges that we are all faced with.

Volt is running for the first time in Denmark at Frederiksberg and it is the first time that Denmark has a real Eureopean party on the ballot - so #VoteVolt on 16 November!
... and in the meantime, get to know us and get your questios answered by members of the only Pan European party that is poised to change politics - starting right here in Frederiksberg!

Meet your candidates

Volt open candidate meetings

Ask questions, demand answers


Come by after work and meet Volt candidates for the local election as well as our members.
We have struct a deal with Bo in Tap21 on HC Ørstedsvej and on thse Mondays between 17:00- 20:00 there is a 10% discount on drinks.

.. and where else can you Meet Volt?

  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4, 5 and 6 November
    Frederiksberg Centre - Election Booths
  • Thursday 11 November 17:00 - 20:00
    Esperia 2000 Pizzaria, Peter Bangs Vej 97, Frederiksberg
    Google kalender ~ Facebook event

Volt debates (in Danish)

Bartof Station

Europe Map Photo

We are Pan European

Our challenges are cross-border and so must our policies be.

Volt Europa is the first pan-European party with local, national and federal roots and with clear political visions for all three levels.

By sharing each other's best ideas, by having the same goals for our common future, we can move forward in many more areas than traditional national parties can.

We may not need more national parties, but we need a true European party!

Volt Pride 2021

We are Progressive

The ideological mindset of the 20th century must be challenged to enable us to benefit from progress and leave no one behind.

Digitalisation must reform the labour market and new knowledge bring new opportunities.

Research and social change must fight climate change and our society must be equal, free and democratic!

At the heart of these developments are active citizens, shaping our future with ideas and proposals! Volt gives all citizens a new political platform from which to make a difference - locally, nationally and at European level!

Man sieht zwei Volter*innen wie sie in der Sonne Plakate und Fahne tragen. Auf einem Plakat steht "Fahrrad fahren wie in Kopenhagen".

We are Pragmatic

We actively learn from others

Our political programme is scrutinised, elaborated, and in many cases already tested and evaluated, giving us a credibility and strength that no national party can match.

We know our challenges demand shared solutions across our borders which is why we are building the first Pan European political party!

Join Volt today and help change politics for the better!