2 Jan 2021, 14.58.47 UTC
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This is our newsletter from 2 January 2021

New Year’s greetings and call to action!

Let this be my New Year’s greeting to you and I hope that at the end of the reading, you have more courage and perspective in your support of Volt and are ready to become more active and help solve the challenges we face.

Here are 5 things you can do right now!

It can be tough to get into politics. The term has become tainted, but the work itself is worthwhile. Therefore I firmly believe that Yes, We Can solve our common challenges when more people are equipped with the right tools to do so. We should then elect people to public office who understand both the local and international development to ensure a truly long-term perspective.

And Denmark must have a long-term focus that brings Denmark closer to Europe! Which is why I see the increasing nationalism in a globalised world as the biggest challenge.

Nationalism has gained ground and if we fail to tackle it as citizens of Europe, we will not only lose opportunities, but face massive challenges in terms of economy, migration, defense, energy supply and development opportunities that are inconceivable.

In yesterday’s New Year’s speech, the Danish Prime Minister did not mention Europe or the EU at all. Rather, she left us to understand that Denmark single-handedly managed the pandemic.

The truth, however, is that Denmark was part of a European team effort in which the EU purchased and allocated vaccines to make sure no country was left behind. The European Commission secured access for goods though every member state had closed their borders, the EU implemented the Recovery Fund and negotiated Brexit - an agreement that ensured Danish fishermen some access to British waters after Brexit. Not one mention was made of all that work.

This isolationist approach requires an ‘other’ and it was delivered to us as the challenge of integration was mentioned again.

But in an increasingly connected world, we must not continue to resort to demonising “the other.” When we in Volt focusses on solidarity in our European Union, on how citizens from all parts of Europe work together to solve our common problems - then we provide a truly positive alternative, a new path within Danish and international politics. When we say we want to change politics, we mean it!

What we are doing now has never been tried before. It is natural to hesitate, but there has never been a greater need to act.

Municipal elections are coming up this year so it is vital that we push our agendas and use this New Year to boost awareness and alert your network to Volt.

Our policies are here!
We know that our challenges are too big to face by ourselves and all our political proposals are shared across Europe and available at You can use our Policy Ideas Box to share your political with us!

Volt is giving citizens a voice so we can challenge the political status quo and demand that real problems be solved - not the cosmetic, the political nor the populist ones. This means creating awareness of our media highlights, arranging listening trips on the streets and online, creating local teams that support each other and forging ties with citizens across Europe!

There are municipal elections in November 2021 and we want to field talented and committed candidates! Might you be one of them?

Confirm your membership for 2021
As a member of Volt Danmark, you become a member of the first pan-European party Volt Europa and thus have access to all our resources. You can develop policies, come up with ideas, lead processes, expand your network, participate in political campaigns and experience how we from the bottom up create a new way of making politics - by collaborating, honoring science and standing by our European values!

Our challenges ARE too big to handle alone - so take action now!

You can also make a bank transfer to: Danske Bank
Registration number: 9570, Account: 12651953  
IBAN: DK6295700012651953

Here are 5 things you can do right now!

  1. If you voted in Denmark in the European Parliamentary election in 2019 OR if you are a Danish national, then you can give Volt your voter endorsement - if YOU can get 3 others to do the same and they in turn get 3 endorsements, then we exceed our goal of 21,000 voter endorsements by May! Can you help us meet our goal?
  2. Get Active With Volt Let us know what you are interested in doing - we always have new projects all over Europe so you can be put in touch with Volt Italia, Nederlands, Malta or Espana. You get along quickly with everyone and we provide an opportunity for EVERYONE to contribute with exactly what they think is fun and makes sense! So tell us where YOU can help by filling out this short form
  3. Become a part of the Buddy System - You can either become a Buddy and get introduced! If you have the question about the program, or are a little unclear about how it goes, please email Finja Lübben and hear more about how our Buddy program! can give you the best jolt in Volt!
  4. Follow our social media and engage us with your questions on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  5. Come to our OPEN Online Meet-Up at 20:00 on 6 January 2021. It will be our first digital Meet-Up in 2021! Bring a friend and let’s start 2021 with new energy!

If you want to challenge the political status quo in Denmark and believe that we need better politicians at local, national and European level, then support the volunteers who are currently working to build up the Volt.

Your support means everything and anyone of those 5 things will help us!

Happy active 2021!

Kathrine Richter  

Co-President, Volt Danmark