Volt Nordic Baltic

Our Policies

Volt is the European party in Denmark!

We are today faced with a dilemma.

We know our challenges require international solutions, but we only have national parties to provide them. This can be changed - with Volt!

Together with citizens across Europe, Volters have come together to gather the best ideas and to run for elections to solve problems and strengthen the community!
We already have more than 100 elected representatives and we want to be represented in Denmark too!

We are therefore asking for your support in putting us on the ballot with your endorsement!

This page provides you with a brief overview of our policies, much more can be found on our central policy page: www.volteuropa.org/policy-portfolio.

Agricultural policy


Vi need to reform our agricultural ways, both in terms of climate, food production, financing, and the role of which agriculture plays in our society.

  • We need to reform the CAP.
  • Improve local farming solutions, and the local sale of produce.
  • Increase the import of agricultural products from african countries.
  • Lower CO2 emissions and natural carbon sinks must be a part of our sustainable agriculture.
  • Animal welfare must be guaranteed and information to customers improved.
  • In 2017 pork production made up for one third of the medicinal industry. We have the wealth to create a sustainable farming culture in Denmark with a focus on ecology, rewilding, and biodiversity.



We need to enhance our biodiversity, reduce urban temperatures and adapt to the impacts of the climate crisis, such as torrential rain, droughts and storms. A strong local focus on greening is an important part of climate proofing.

  • We support the ReWilding of Denmark. (EU midler)
  • Lets lower the temperature- More trees in our cities. (C40 anbefaling)
  • Support the creation of more green walls and roofs.
  • We support the hunting unions focus on biodiversity and the active use of national parks for the benefit of flora, fauna, and people.
  • Support organizations that help cleanup in nature.

Climate economy


To tackle climate change, we need to increase the durability of our products, improve recycling and reward green choices. We want Denmark to actively push for the EU to be carbon neutral by 2040. This requires active adaptation and a new mindset towards companies that pollute. We will support initiatives that move the circular economy from abstract to realistic in every home and business in Denmark.

  • CO2 pricing must be introduced in the EU.
  • Strengthen the circular economy in production and households. 
  • The Right to Repair must be complied with and expanded.
  • A pan-european pantsystem would remove garbage and improve recycling.
  • The construction industry is a big polluter - Use  sustainable building materials at construction and renovation.
  • Strengthen  Polluter Pays rules.
  • Denmark and the EU must be CO2 neutral in 2040.
  • The tax exemption of jet fuel must be stopped, as stated in Fitfor55.

Defense Policy


On the 1st of June 2022, the Danes voted to abolish the defence opt out. Now Denmark must enter wholeheartedly into European defense cooperation. We have a responsibility to our allies.

  • We maintain that Denmark should guarantee the usage of 2% of BNP for investments in defense.
  • We need to support our veterans both monetarily and mentally. 
  • Digital security must be strengthened, but surveillance is not freedom and the rights of citizens must be protected.
  • 12 reason to why we removed the opt out on defence.

Energy Policy


Volt is working for a carbon-neutral Europe and Denmark must be part of the solution. We must also work for energy independence and that means expanding our electricity grids and reforming our energy production to include hydrogen batteries and supplying nuclear power.

  • Reform the energy grid so that it can deal with multiple energy types.
  • Strengthen Power-2-x research and development.
  •  Lets prioritize making our houses more energy efficient.
  • Put the standard on zero emissions (nZEB) for all new buildings in the EU before 2030, and net zero emissions for all buildings before 2030.
  • Make it possible for citizens to deliver electricity to the grid. 
  • Harmonize market regulations regarding the electricity grid in the EU.
  • Support the change from fossil fueled heating systems, to electrified and green district heating solutions.

Energy policy for Volt Europa is here

EU opt outs


We wish to remove our opt outs and improve our relationship to the EU.

Federal Europa


The European Union is our common project. After centuries of conflict, we have created a Union that has ensured peace and prosperity and we can be proud of this achievement. The EU has limitations, which is why Volt advocates for institutional reforms.

  • We wish to remove the European Council.
  • The European parliamentarians should be able to put forward law proposals. 
  • Read our proposal for a european constitution.

Labour market reform


The industrial society's 8-hour workday with eight hours of rest and eight hours of leisure was a victory and gave workers a solid foothold through unionization. Today the working day is more efficient and this needs to be reflected in our working day. That is why we must work for a 4-day week and we must ensure that our changing society does not leave people without opportunities. Lifelong learning offers the possibility of a change of sector and to prevent wearing out and job fatigue.

  • Volt on the EU Directive on adequate minimum wages.
  • 4 day work weeks have to be the future.
  • Let the unions take care of more jobseekers. 
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Extent the Aarhus model for long-term unemployed (article)(Danish).

Legalise cannabis


We need to discuss all the consequences of our current policy that we believe we need to change. 

Cannabis has unfortunately been stigmatised and has been  heavily attacked in the fight against narcotics. This needs to change and the medicinal properties of cannabis need to be explored.

  • Do as Portugal: decriminalize cannabis. 
  • Strengthen medical studies.
  • Launch CBD shops on an experimental basis.

Media policy


Free media is a public good, and free media can  hold our leaders accountable.

  • Increase media financial support and ensure the free press.
  • We support more coverage of EU politics.

Nuclear energy in Denmark


In 1985, the then minister for Energy stated that: "it is unwise (...) to refrain from adopting a particular energy technology at some point in the future (...) [N]uclear can bring great environmental, economic and security of supply benefits."

We believe it is time to repeal this law and with the new taxonomy from the EU it makes sense for the Danish government to back research into new technology.

  • Repeal the law that prohibits nuclear energy from the Danish energy mix.
  • Strengthen research in new generations of nuclear power plants. Such as molten salt, small modular reactors, plus advanced nuclear fusion- and fission concepts.

Rule of law must be protected through transparency


The Danish rule of law has been frequently criticised in recent years. Transparency International and the EU have criticised Denmark several times for our lobbying rules and our open revolving doors. We believe more transparency increases trust in government and the state.

  • Remove the Publicity Act.
  • Denmark must have a lobby register.
  • Whistleblower schemes must be improved.
  • Volt wants more transparency regarding the money Denmark gives and gains from the EU. 
  • Stop the revolving door in Danish politics.
  • Strengthen the rule of law- create a judicial branch to look after our politicians.

The Danish school system (folkeskole)


Our world is changing and we need to strengthen schools to keep pace with society. We need a strong and well-funded school system to educate our next generation for the new world we face.

  • Strengthen digital abilities.
  • Better sex education.
  • Support kids with special needs - special need classes must be safeguarded.

Social projects must be strengthened


We need more, not less focus on socially vulnerable people.

  • Follow the housing first principal regarding the homeless.
  • Create social housing forms and housing communities to reasonable prices.
  • Stop bullying by strengthening teachers and childcare workers.



Volt is working towards carbon neutrality by 2040 and the transport sector is one of the biggest emitters in the world. That's why we need new policy!

  • Expand the possibilities for public transport in less populated areas.
  • Expand the Danish charging network for electric and hydrogen cars.
  • Tie together Danish cities with super bikepaths.
  • Create bike friendly city zones.
  • Stop the use of fossil fuels in  vehicles on the road in 2035.
  • Support road tolls and city tolls around cities.
  • Reduce speed limits on roads to lower emissions.
  • Improve long and medium distance railroads, more european high speed rail and nighttrains.
  • Only zero emission ships may sail in european waters by 2035.
  • The Fehmarnbelt link enables more freight transport, which means less CO2 emissions and less road damage.

Artificial intelligence


We need to raise awareness of artificial intelligence, as many use it and few understand it. Artificial intelligence is about the automation of actions. The parameters of what artificial intelligence can achieve need to be defined in interaction with our citizens and with an ethical and moral debate about the future. Volt wants a pan-European approach to this particular issue - it should not be in the hands of individual countries, but a joint and open process. We want to create a European AI initiative that emphasizes the following:

  • A European ethical and judicial framework.
  • A European kompetence center.
  • An active handling of socioeconomic consequences through innovation on the job market and maybe universal basic income.

Build better and listen to the citizens


Volt can see that citizen involvement creates better decisions. That's why citizens need to have a more direct say in projects that affect everyday life and the local community.

  • Citizen assemblies and deliberative democracy must be the standard. 
  • Reduce investment in fossil infrastructure- (Baltic Pipe)
  • Stop the Lynetteholm (link)  
  • Ensure citizen involvement in building projects- from windmills to housing.
  • Build housing created for community.

Cultural policy


We must not forget what we learned during the covid19-pandemic: that it was culture that united and created value during a time of crisis. This perspective demands action!

  • Create a CulturePass for those who otherwise would not have the funds to enjoy cultural happenings.
  • Strengthen local cultural festivals and organisations in Denmark.
  • The Folkeskole should be diverse and culturally anchored.

Economy and taxes


A good economy creates stability and provides opportunities for new people entering into the economy. We have seen a financial crises, a housing bubbles, inflation and negative interest rates. We need to think in new ways in the Danish economy.

  • Differentiated VAT
  • Regulate the banks lending to avoid a new housing bubble.
  • Reduce the interest deduction and eliminate interest-free loans.
  • Increase the tax on cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Denmark should join the banking union to strengthen the control with crossborder financial markets. 
  • We need to revisit our budget law, and improve our macro economic toolkit.
  • We support a european minimum tax on companies that operate in multiple european countries.
  • Reform the ECB and expand its mandate.

EU funds should be easier to apply for


Local and civic initiatives must be supported to apply for EU funds with other partners in Europe.

  • We will strengthen the regions’ EU information.



Today we live longer than ever before which gives our human compassion a new test. Active euthanasia gives us control over our life and death, it gives dignity and peace to our final journey.

  • We wish to give people the right to finish their life on their own terms.
  • The use of treatment testaments should be extended. 
  • Read more about our policy here (doc).



Our healthcare system must increase the focus on prevention, not just treatment. This applies to mental health as well as physical health.

  • Increase the access to doctors by including digital solutions. 
  • Improve the accreditation and up qualification of international health workers.



Equality in society is essential, but there is still unacceptable discrimination towards members of the LGBTQIA+ society.

  • Include LBGTQIA+ in education.
  • Give better options for the changing of gender on ID.
  • Make it easier to be gender neutral.
  • Improve education for government personal in avoiding discrimination. 
  • Ensure a total ban on conversion therapy.

New democratic voices


Volt wants to strengthen Democracy. We, as a united society stands in front of large obstacles, and we need more engagement in society and EVERYONES voice to be heard.

  • Voting rights to 16 year olds as recommended by the democracy commission.
  • Improved voting rights to Danes that live abroad.

Refugee policy


According to the UNHCR, 100 million people have been forced from their homes in 2022. Volt believes that Europe must unite around a fair and humane refugee policy.

  • Remove the opt out on Justice and Home Affairs.
  • A European distribution system.
  • Take quota refugees
  • Stop sending refugees back to Syria.
  • Focus on the teaching of language before job training.
  • The Danish municipalities must be a part of  Europe Welcomes!
  • Volt Denmark on refugees here

Responsible digitalisation


As we have access to more digital solutions, we also need to be in control of who has our data, how it is used, and we need to make sure that everyone can participate! Volt is a pro-tech party, but there needs to be transparency and accountability in its use.

  • Strengthen open source solutions.
  • Stop illegal logging of data.
  • Strengthen digital inclusion, so that everyone can take part.   
  • More should speak the language of coding.
  • Danish health data is valuable, and should be shared responsibly.

Secular state


Volt stands for the secular state. That means the separation of church and state, and means religious freedom for all.

  • Religious freedom means that everyone have the right to choose their own relationship to religion, including being free from religion.
  • As long as religious associations are tax exempt we want to give atheistic and secular associations the same benefits.

SU is an investment


We believe that every country should introduce SU! It is an investment in the local economy, and gives economic freedom to the next generation no matter who their parents are.

  • Read our arguments on SU here.


  • Strengthen investments in research and match the EU’s budgets. 
  • Raise research in the green transition in all sectors!



Voluntary organisations have a great capacity to make a difference. We need to strengthen the framework for volunteering and make it easier for associations to scale up, and we need to strengthen the recognition of volunteering.

  • Make it possible to use volunteering hours as a part of full time employment.
  • Improve the option of volunteering during unemployment, and reduce the job application requirements. 
  • strengthen the scale up possibilities for volunteer organisations.