Economic Renaissance

Part of Volt Europa's 5 +1 political challenges

To meet the challenges of the future, we want to rethink economics in Europe. This requires a whole of society approach to enable the necessary choices in everyday life.

YouTube: Economic Renaissance | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

Green Economy

Our economy has to be sustainable


Sustainable economy is the future and we want a tax on CO2.

The circular economy must be made possible by strengthening everything from the sharing economy to everyday activities and we will support initiatives that move Circular Economics from the abstract to the realistic in all housing associations in Denmark.

See our Climate plan here

21st Century Labour Market Reform

Let's wake up from the 8-8-8 'dream'


The industrial society's 8-8-8 working day was a victory and it has given workers in Denmark a solid foothold through unionisation. Several of the union demands have gradually been made into law - something for which we can be grateful!

Today, we have found ways to make our work faster, smarter and more efficient and that needs to be reflected in our work day. That is why we want to explore opportunities for 4-day work weeks, for example with the overlap of different types of employees - and based on Finland's attempts at citizen pay and the different types of locally-based solutions around the world, we want to find the best ways to invest in our citizens.

Read all our ideas for labour market reform


Open Source systems


Artificial intelligence is not only about robots, but automation of actions. The parameters of what artificial intelligence can achieve must be defined in interaction with society and with an ethical and moral debate about the future.

That is why in Volt we want to support a European approach to this particular issue - it should not sit in the hands of individual countries, but be a common and open process. We will create a European AI initiative that emphasizes the following:

  • A European legal and ethical framework
  • European competence centers cooperating
  • Active management of negative socio-economic consequences through innovation of the job market and, for example, citizen pay.

In what other ways may we see an Economic Renaissance?

  • Denmark must join the Banking Union to enable more checks on banks and the financial markets. We agree with Denmark's National Bank that cross-border financial markets need greater control than national institutions can provide - as we saw with the Danske Bank scandal.
  • The Budget Act needs to be revised and our Finance Act infused with macroeconomic measures instead of microeconomic and short-sighted accounting methods.
  • We want the European Central Bank to have a further mandate so that it can also execute financial expansionary policies and thus help develop Europe and the Eurozone.
  • Denmark must join the euro and give up its reservation.
  • We need to develop a European minimum tax for companies operating in several European countries and in that case the tax authority must be transferred from the nation state to a European tax collector.
  • The sharing economy must focus on better use of existing resources.
  • Villages must be strengthened by increasing the digital offerings in the form of education, training and transport and create opportunities for more flexible solutions in less populated parts of Denmark.