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Part of Volt Europa's 5 + 1 political challenges

We have a vision for Europe that guarantees equal access to education, healthcare - social protection and employment opportunities for all. A Europe where citizens have the same rights and can rely on everyone contributing and benefiting equally from their involvement.

Volt was born out of a European crisis - at a time of mistrust in common endeavour. We came together to reaffirm our belief in the European project, in shared action and a common future. Volt delivers a message of hope, boldness and solidarity, offering all European citizens a new European vision: one that embraces our common ambitions and addresses our shortcomings.

We believe in a Europe that balances the freedoms of its single market with strengthened social protection and inclusion: where businesses and labour can move anywhere, and where this flexibility is not detrimental to workers.

We believe in a Europe where solidarity means supporting each other and accepting shared responsibility for our common future. Where we actively support the development of our poorer regions and raise their living standards, and where EU citizens defend common interests.

We believe in a Europe that works equally for all, not just for the privileged few.
A Europe where individuals and businesses contribute their fair share, wherever they may live in the Union.

We believe in a Europe that ensures full representation of all citizens. Our vision is of a Europe where a vibrant democratic community creates an open space for debate and allows all to participate and be recognised and respected in their diversity.

A Europe where citizens directly elect all their European representatives, hold them accountable and have their needs included in the decisions taken for all of us.

We believe that this new Europe will strengthen our lives, give us opportunities to achieve individual ambitions while being part of a stronger society - a society of values.

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A humane refugee policy is not created by a single country


The need for a humane and sustainable refugee policy is necessary and that is why we in Volt Europe also want a reform of the Dublin Convention. We propose corridors that move asylum seekers from recipient countries and instead to where one prefers to receive asylum. Once the asylum process has begun, asylum seekers will be registered in a common European register, because we must do this together. Final country of residence is then based on objective factors in that country such as population density, prosperity and age of the applicant. This reformed system will allow European countries to contribute both housing opportunities or funding.

Removal of Danish Opt-outs


The opt-outs have been a longstanding source of division in Denmark -mostly on grounds of misconception. The opt-outs do not change Danish sovereignty according to the constitutional §20, they are means of more cooperation to the benefit of Danes. 

The current opt-outs are doing Danish interests a disservice in the face of our European neighbours and we see a removal of the opt-outs as a source of strengthening Danish institutions.

Volt is about connecting Europeans and to boost collaboration. With respect to past concerns, it is time for Denmark to step up and not just join, but become a stronger member and leader in Europe, by sharing best practices and collaborating.

It is our aim to have an extensive and exhaustive conversation about our Opt-outs so that at the end of the day, the Danish concerns are properly heard all over Europe and that they are addressed so that Danes will choose to say YES to the European cooperation in the EU.

Remove the Judicial Opt-out


The judicial opt-out hampers Denmark’s ability to work with Europol, it makes it impossible for Denmark to collect student debt in other EU countries and third-country nationals based in Denmark working in other European countries experience great difficulty in ensuring their health coverage because of this opt-out. Denmark is not legally required to partake in the quota system, but as a matter of the day Denmark is to adopt all changes to the Dublin regulation or not partake at all. This mechanism, where judicial matters are designed by other countries that affects Denmark by law, but we have no means to partake in the design of the laws and directives is unsustainable.

In security policy, we need to think long-term.


In Volt, we believe that Denmark's future is in Europe and therefore we must think European when we make plans for our defense.

We will work to ensure that the EU achieves strategic independence in the field of defense. We want our fellow citizens to be able to influence the direction of our security policy through democratic processes and on 1 June 2022, the Danes chose Europe by voting YES to abolish the defense reservation.

We must therefore now listen to the decision of the electorate and start thinking European. Read about the 12 good reasons to abolish the defense reservation from our campaign in 2022.

Removing our monetary opt-out


Our Danish currency is a Euro in all but name. Our monetary policy is directly linked to the policies of the European Central Bank and Volt will support both the reform of the ECB and increase its mandate to include provisions on unemployment, sustainable growth, crisis prevention and mitigation. At the current state of Denmark has no mandate to influence the monetary policy that directly affects the kroner, and much European coordination will continue to happen between the euro countries. The kroner is seen as a national symbol, of which we respect, though seeking the highest economic benefits for Denmark the full adoption of the euro will strengthen business.