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Volt politics

for National Parliament

We are a European political party with a strong local anchorage and we believe that 21st century politics must be based on scence and best practices, not ideologies. Here are some of the main priorities that we want to work for in Denmark:

Prioritise the Sustainable Economy

A local Green New Deal!


We have a role to play in the world and our purchases must reflect the price the next generation will pay. Taxes drive behaviour and by putting a tax on CO2 we will see a greater focus on buying CO2 friendly and thus drive society in a more sustainable direction. We realise that this cannot be done by one country alone, which is why we have this proposal on our political agenda in the European Parliament as well as wherever Volt stands in local and national elections.

We want to see Danish solutions implemented in other countries where primary production can be improved and then we want to see a more sustainable agriculture in Denmark with a focus on ecology, rewilding and biodiversity.

Our ability to extract sustainable energy from wind and solar must be accompanied to a much greater extent by an energy grid that can transport it and battery technology that can store it. Our carbon reduction depends on the phasing out of fossil fuels and the development of carbon-friendly technologies.

Empowered citizens for a stronger society

Let's improve Citizen engagement


We citizens must be involved in the decision-making processes that affect us and this must be done in a transparent and effective way. We therefore want to make citizens' assemblies a common tool in our democracy.

A free media is the citizens' guarantee. We see free media as a common good, not a commodity to be sold. We want our free media to have the resources and the freedom to hold our leaders to account, to expose corporate incompetence and the corruption of power. That is why we want to ensure that the journalism of the investigators, of culture and of debate is strengthened. We want to have a greater focus on the EU so that Danes are equipped for the opt-out debates to come.

It must be easier to apply for EU funds as an ordinary citizen. Local and grassroots initiatives can in many cases be more useful and can be implemented more cheaply than larger national campaigns. That's why we want to make it easier for citizens to get grants for their ideas from the EU.

Education is the first step to the Future!


We want to strengthen special classes and we do this by first strengthening the training that equips educators to care for those who face life's greatest challenges. At the same time, we need to strengthen primary and secondary school teachers so that they can empower their pupils to create a rewarding and constructive school environment, with respect for diversity and a calm environment in which to learn.

By empowering and increasing opportunities for children, we also care for parents and we empower teachers and educators. In doing so, we want to create a safe environment for those who start with a little more difficulty than others.

We need to invest in education in general, not cutbacks!
EU funds for research must not trigger savings, but Denmark must match up to 50% of funds received from the EU. This ensures that EU funds are used for research and Denmark's investments go to maintaining and developing our research and education sector.

Boost Health Care sector!

We need to ensure help is there!


Our healthcare system must work digitally, in terms of staffing and procurement. Medicines need to be procured more efficiently and we can look to Norway as an example. It must not be profitable to fire care workers and then hire them as substitutes.

There must be a more efficient screening process of foreign-trained care workers so that we can get people who are suitable into work more quickly and also exclude those who violate medical principles.

We are in favour of transparency in tendering processes and we are in favour of open criticism of systems. Our health system must be improved by listening to those who work in it and then politicians must deliver the money.

Let's build an economy for the future

Progressive and green!


Sustainable economy is the way forward and we therefore want a tax on CO2 .
The circular economy must be enabled by strengthening everything from the sharing economy to everyday actions and we will support initiatives that move the Circular Economy from the abstract to the realistic in all housing associations in Denmark.

The industrial society's 8-8-8 working day was a victory for workers and it has given workers in Denmark a solid foothold and several of the unions' demands have now been made law - something for which we can be grateful!
Today we have found ways to make our work faster, smarter and more efficient and this needs to be reflected in our working day. That's why we want to explore the possibilities of 4-day work weeks, for example, with overlapping of different types of employees - and building on Finland's Citizen's Pay experiment and the different types of locally based solutions around the world, we want to find the best ways to invest in our citizens.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just robots, but also the automation of actions. The parameters of what AI should be able to do need to be defined in interaction with society and we need to be able to have an ethical and moral debate about the future.
That is why we in the Volt want to support a European approach to this very issue - it should not be in the hands of individual countries, but a common and open process.
We want to create a European AI Initiative that emphasises the following:

  • A European legal and ethical framework
  • European competence centres working together
  • Active management of negative socio-economic consequences through rethinking the job market and, for example, the citizen's wage.

More Denmark in Europe!


The European Union is our common project and we have been part of it since 1972. If it is not working optimally, then we must look at ourselves and ask whether we ourselves have done enough to strengthen the European community. We do not believe that we have done so - our opt-outs do not serve Danish interests. They serve those who cast doubt on the future of the European Union and here most Danes agree: We want to be in the EU. So let's help make it better!