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Getting a healthy city and mobile citizens!

Include citizens and learn from others!


On May 12, Volt discussed traffic policies and ideas with Volt members from Ghent and Barcelona. Both of these cities are known for their green urban transformation so it was logical to ask them - about their experiences in transforming their cities into greener, cleaner and people-friendly cities.

Here are the mail conclusions:

From Ghent:

  • Ghent made several comprehensive long-term plans - those that succeeded involved citizens!
  • Cities were not made for cars - remember that!
  • Ghent unified streets, taking cars out of the city - to encourage public transport or cycling.
  • Business flourished because people were drawn to areas without cars - pedestrian streets, wide squares, parks - shops therefore strengthened.
  • Reducing traffic reduced accidents and air pollution.

From Barcelona

  • In Barcelona, long-term plans were made and WIDE support was given by stakeholder groups: business, politicians, civic organisations.
  • They made sure there were real alternatives to the car - car sharing, bike sharing, electric bikes, buses, metro.
  • Barcelona's political leadership has introduced a 30 km/h speed limit across the city.
  • Tunnels will be covered by greenery, so cars will drive under and be covered by trees, beds and parks.
  • With the new EU budget, Barcelona will ensure new buildings have solar panels on their roofs to charge transport modes on the street.

Ghent recommendation: do not forget your weaker citizens, they should not be punished

Barcelona recommendation: if you have to travel far, you can't switch between transport options all the time.

The government's proposal has already met resistance from stakeholder associations AND from citizens - so Volt proposes:

  • that the proposal forms a starting point for real citizen consultations to understand HOW people would like to move around!
  • That public transport is improved so that it becomes an OPTION, not a bad alternative.
  • Strengthen electric bikes and green charging
  • To do small trials in different areas before going full steam ahead and giving affected residents access to alternatives
  • The sharing economy is an important part of greening.
  • That frailer and less mobile citizens are safeguarded in everyday life - even on car-free days, if such are implemented.
  • That speed is generally lowered in cities - 40km/h is proposed, we are ready to go down to 30km/h for general traffic.
  • That electric cars are not (yet) for everyone and there should be real green transport options based on people's needs.

On third country asylum plans

- we should not outsource our responsibility

Budget 3 - Danish refugees

If you look at the Danish Budget for 2021, it is clear that 426 million MORE has been allocated over the next 4 years for repatriations.

At the same time, about 35 million has been cut from the Refugee Board's budget - those who handle appeals.

In the non-binding MOU with Rwanda it is noted that Danish development aid funds are to be used to pay for Rwanda to process asylum seekers who have otherwise applied for asylum in Denmark.
The development funds will also be used to provide climate change technologies.

Volt wants Europe to reform our asylum system to enable a fair and effective system. The Danish government seems reluctant to want to participate.

We insist that Europe must stand firm on the values that founded the European Union: human rights and the rule of law.

We therefore want to strengthen the rule of law by making our asylum processes more efficient and fairer. We also want to strengthen legal migration by introducing new types of work visas.

The Danish government, on the other hand, wants to to it alone.
They want to make their own rules and that has a heavy price.

Budget Danish refugees

According to the Danish budget for 2021 100 million will be added to the Repatriation Agency while 155 more full time employees will be hired.

At the same time, the Refugee Board, which assesses asylum appeals, had its budget cut by 50% from 2018-2022.

Budget 2

This is the direction of the Danish government and we must change it.

Because we will not solve the migration issue independently. We must do it together.

As we have no control over where we are born, we need to give people dignity and opportunity - not outsource and reduce African countries to an administration hub for a rich, northern European member state.

This is the worst outcome of a failing European Union: that the challenges we face are NOT addressed, leaving it up to individual member states to take it upon themselves to 'solve' their national problems, focusing on national media and national voters.'

Without a vision of the need for a pan-European response to our migration problems, and without the Dublin Regulation being amended.

It will also mean that other anti-immigration countries like Hungary, Poland and others will look at Denmark and do as we do.

Volt on Assised Suicide

- right to control your own body


Volt stands for the following policies:

Legalise passive euthanasia.

  • Also legalize living wills to guide decision on passive euthanasia for people who wish passive euthanasia to be performed if they ever find themselves in a particular situation which they now regard as unbearable and offering no prospect of improvement (e.g. dementia) and in which the person is incapacitated to make a decision her/himself.

Legalise assisted suicide for competent adult who suffer from "constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated".

Ensure that the Following criteria are met before allowing assisted suicide:

  • The person is a competent adult who suffers from "constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated".
  • The person undergoes an ex-ante evaluation with at least two independent doctors and one psychiatrist, that need to confirm the person is a competent adult who suffers from "constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated," and that the person is making the request out of their own free will, not coerced or pressured by other persons.
  • The person's request must be made earnestly and with full conviction, as determined during the ex-ante evaluation.
  • If the person is a minor, only allow assisted suicide in exceptional circumstances, with the consent of parents if they are younger than 16 years, and with the parents at least informed, if they are under 18, and a confirmation by at least two independent doctors and one psychiatrist that the minor is competent to take such a decision.
  • Ensure that during the procedure,
    • the person stays in full control of the process. Indeed, the physician's role is to supply, but not to administer, the lethal drug.
    • family and friends are allowed to be present if the patient chooses so.
  • Put in place an ex post committee to review all cases of assisted suicide, comprised of at least a medical expert, an ethicist and a legal expert. Every instance of assisted suicide must be reported.
  • Make publicly available information of doctors willing to assist. Ensure that no doctor is forced to take part in such procedure.

Strictly oppose active euthanasia, with one exception:

  • Allow active euthanasia only when a person fulfills all the conditions for assisted suicide (see provisions above) but is physically handicapped in such a way that makes it impossible for the person to administer the legal dose themself. Ensure that the doctor's intervention is as limited as possible.
  • Volt opposes the legalization of active euthanasia, as it is a highly controversial issue that raises ethical and legal issues, in particular the fact that another party performs the act of taking the life of a person.

Our Climate Policy

- Climate Neutrality by 2040, CO2 taxes and Yes, please to Nuclear power

Klimapolitik Danmark Klima

Building on the Paris Agreement, the Volt has tackled the most pressing issue: climate.

Together with experts, we agree that the Green Transition requires leadership, which we want to take on!

We declare the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis in Europe AND in the World and see the delivery of clean energy as an ongoing process needed to ensure the decarbonisation of our energy supply across the EU by 2035.

About the Danish children in Syria

- the children must come home, the parents prosecuted

YouTube: Hent børnene hjem nu  - ISIS skal ikke radikalisere en ny generation

Volt means Rule of Law #ValuesOverPower

- the underlying foundation of our society

Kathrine Richter - Values Over Power

The rule of law is one of the six fundamental values of Europe and the Volt stands firmly by them.

Unfortunately, we see in Denmark and in Europe that the rule of law is thrown over the shoulder and nobody picks it up!

When legal certainty is put at risk, trust in society disappears and this would be disastrous!

We in Volt stand for the rule of law!

On Baltic Pipe

- our energy policies must be more agile to meet the Paris targets

Baltic Pipe official picture

Baltic Pipe will supply Norwegian natural gas to Poland by laying down a natural gas pipeline across Denmark, leaving a 400 m wide scar across the country, from west to east.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel and the lifetime of the pipeline is set at 50 years. We need to think more ahead when making energy investments!

SU is a societal investment

- all member states should introduce SU

SU Denmark investing future

The frontal attack on the Danish Educational subsidies continues. JUST STOP!

SU is a social investment!

We will be making ongoing comments on the various attacks that are taking place and collecting them all in one place. This highlights the support, criticism and opportunistic views of the SU by parties and organisations.

We believe that every country in Europe should introduce SU! Let's ensure that all young people are better able to shape their own destiny.

Om Arktis

- Danmarks rolle i en skrøbelig region


We need a strong Denmark in the Arctic, backed by the EU.

The purpose of Antony Blinken's visit to Copenhagen was not to greet Jeppe, Mette or Margrethe. After Trump's diplomatic faux pas with the loud desire to buy Greenland, the US has not changed its goal to dominate the Arctic.

Washington is lagging behind Moscow in the new-found race to militarise the region, which unfortunately runs counter to the Illulisat declaration that was supposed to ensure the Arctic remains a peaceful region.

Blinken is in Copenhagen because the US wants to get through to Greenland, which brings back memories of the Cold War, when we were squeezed like a louse between the nails of the great powers in their power struggle.
Then as now, the answer is simple - it must and must be European!

Only then can we ensure that the Treaty is respected, that our peaceful interests in the region are respected, and that neither Denmark nor Greenland is caught up in a power struggle that is not in the interests of humanity!

The Arctic is a fragile region and it should be Denmark's duty to look after it, backed by a united Europe!

Let us stop the Frugal 4

- Strong member states should assume responsibility


Volt Nederland, Volt Sverige, Volt Österreich and Volt Danmark stand together and say NO to the unsolidarist way our countries' government leaders huddle over progressive investments in our common market.

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