In honour of the Opening of the Danish Parliament...

In honour of the Opening of the Danish Parliament...

6 Oct 2020

Being serious about the Climate Crisis requires a European mindset!

The day before the opening of the Danish Parliament, the Danish nationally syndicated newspaper Information published a Climate Appeal initially signed by 139 prominent public profiles in Denmark:

"We, the signatories who sign this appeal to the Government and Parliament, are worried about the lack of realisation of the gravity of the situation which leads us to doing to little too late to stop the Climate Crisis."

As it turns out, when it involves our future, it is us, THE CIITIZENS, who want to see this done, not the politicians.

Three things stand out for those following Danish politics since the government won the election in 2019:

1) The Danish Government maintains an EU scepticism, mostly pronounced when the Frugal Four reduced the financial recovery package during the budget negotiations this summer.
2) The governing party, Socialdemokratiet, lack European visions.
3) Denmark should be leading the Green transition, not delay it.

But it IS hard to lead a charge from the rear so without a new direction, the Danish government will never be able to deliver the promised 70% CO2-reduction which got them elected in 2019.

Because this requires vision and network to bring multiple countries together to meet the same objectdive - so if were not already at work, we needed to get started!

In the spring, Volt Europa passed the most ambitious Climate Plan which could render Europe CO2-neutral by 2040! Volt's Climate Policies are being championed across Europe and Volters across Europe run for elections on this exact platform - because we know we cannot manage th is on our own.

So we believe it is time to have political parties that take their point of departure in what the citizens want - a party driven by collaboration across borders and which began to solve the big problems.

Our green future demands European cooperation.
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