Volt Danmark: Student grants yield success!

Volt Danmark: Student grants yield success!

2 Apr 2021, 00.04.43 UTC
SU Denmark investing future

Student grants are a success!

The Danish Student grants (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte, SU) are always under attack and on this page you can follow our uncovering of the attacks and our constructive suggestions to the contrary.

SU is a societal investment. It is a macroeconomic (long-term) investment that results in a stronger economy in the long term and several other spin-off benefits (See Consumption Value of Education, 2018).

In relation to the Danish Annual Budget which has a primarily microeconomic (short-term) outlook, SU is seen as an expense and explained as such to the public. This is an irresponsible approach as it enables students to study and apply themselves to improving themselves. The state pays students to study to improve their impact on society later.

This is the reason why we advocate the SU programme to our friends in Europe. Young people must be able to be financially independent of their parents. We believe independence and freedom are important elements and much more valuable than supporting an idea of putting thenext generation into debt.

is an investment for all of society and this is why we share this idea with our friends across Europa. It enables the next generation to be financially independent of their parents and we do not believe we should indebt the next generation who are seeking to educate themselves.

January 2023: International students work after their studies!

Students grants are not the problem: The Juridical Opt-Out is!


2023 began with newly appointed minister Jeppe Bruus complaining that Denmark cannot recover debts from foreign students (Danish Broadcasting Company DR: International students leave student debt behind).

"By the end of 2022, 120,000 Danes had not repaid their student debt [SU] as they should. This group owed a total of over DKK 11 billion, which corresponds to DKK 91,600 per person on average." (DR's article)

But no political party needs to think long about the answer - because it has already bee proivded by former Justice Minister Søren Pind, whose ministry provided the answer in 2018 (In Danish)

Here it was concluded that EU could assist, if:
1) Denmark converted the SU system to a civil or commercial law system, and
2) hired local lawyers in other EU-countries to bring cases against students in debt at local courts.

Or as the Debt Office writes on their website, "If you want to pay your debt in full or in part, please call us on tel. +45 70 15 73 04."
While the legal basis is only described in Danish.

If Danish politicians actually wanted to collect debts, they should make some international agreements with partners instead of pointing fingers at students who take on the debt so they can pay for private rentals in an uncontrolled student housing market.

April 2021: Former special advisor to Helle Thorning-Schmidt: SU reform is coming

Volt objects: Next generation needs vision, not debt!


The Danish Social Democrats keep the left in check by assuming the causes of the right', spilling out over the centre of Danish politics. In the quest for power, the battle is fought on the short-term and visions for the future are left unattended.

This is wrong!

The Danish SU is a great idea that releases the potential of the next generation and enables them to seek education and broaden their mind. The Future of Work is changing and we must do our part to give the next generation the best start into that future.

Bullying youths to take jobs that boomers need is not looking to the future: it's padding a voter base and that's not how national leaders should act.

Volt not only support SU - we want more of it!

That's why we're telling all our party colleagues across Europe about the SU: every government in Europe should embrace the SU.

Volt has visions for Denmark in Europe and for Europe and that is why we are running in Denmark: Denmark needs a visionary party that thinks cooperation and development!

March 2021: Volt disagrees with Danish Chamber of Commerce

Master students should be studying, not indebt themselves


In Volt we do not see that Denmark is releasing its full potential by indebting the next generation as we see in USA.

Danish Chamber of Commerce has suggested that the current Student Stipends (SU) should be changed into into interest-free loans while studying Master level studies at University. Right now, Master level students receive stipends and Volt supports this!

Furthermore, we are disappointed that the combined resources of the Danish Chamber of Commerce could not come up with more innovative ways to boost the eduation system.

THis is how Danish Chamber of Commerce describes themselves on their website:

"Danish Chamber of Commerce act on behalf of 18.000 member businesses and more than 100 industry associations on a daily basis. We are a business organisation and an employer union in one of the world's most powerful business communities. We offer counselling and employer and business relations and political influence. Our actions are based on the active participation of our members in networks and committes."

Danish Chamber of Commerce website: Om Dansk Erhverv

But in their new proposal, they will not assume responsibility to hire new graduates:

"There are still too many educations with high levels of unemployment and that's bad for society and the individual."

Danish Chamber of Commerce press release on their stipend removals.

So we ask: why not bring their 18.000 member businesses into the mix nad and help create new solutions for graduates?

For example by setting up more entry level positions, mentorships and by actively build bridges between graduation and business. Joining the labour market is a collaboration between industry and the citizen.

Scientists and educators do theirs to deliver the best candidates. The stipend enable students to focus on their studies and gather as much knowledge you can - rather than getting coffee or making powerpoint presentations.

Honestly, we do not see how indebting students before they have applied for their first full time job seems very progressive. It mores looks like a slightly hidden attempt to gain cheap, well educated labour to businesses while indebting the next generation.

It should not be the job of the state to indebt the next generation because those representing the business community lacks innovative skills to recruit new graduates 💜

We have a vision for Denmark - we look beyond the borders of Denmark and the hallmark of Danish graduates is that they are creative thinkers, solutions-oriented and free thinkers because they have received the best beginning 🥇

We also believe that the Future of Work require a new way of thinking on every level!

We digitalise, our population numbers rise so we should think accordingly. 30-hour work weeks, decentralised work, creative solutions - the future of work will be markedly different than that of the industrial society so we must improve the transition from studies to work and that does not need to include indebting the student.

Viden er et såkaldt offentligt gode, dvs . at mængden af viden (i modsætning til fx almindelige forbrugsgoder) til rådighed for andre ikke reduceres, ved at en yderligere person gør brug af denne viden . Det samfundsøkonomiske afkast af uddannelse vil derfor typisk være større end det privatøkonomiske afkast, og det giver et argument for offentlig intervention

Rockwool-fondens analyse: Afkast af uddannelse, 2018