Volt on Ukraine

Volt on Ukraine

2 Feb 2022, 21.00.00 UTC
EU Ukraine Post

Volt: We need a coordinated EU-Russia policy

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Read our op-ed in Danish Altinget from 1 March 2022: It is our democratic duty to encourage regime change in Russia. (In Danish)

What we are witnessing in Ukraine is not only about Ukraine's right to sovereign independence, but about the security of Europe and the future of rules-based world order.

Therefore, the European response should be one of unity and strength. A response that can, in the long run, lead our continent towards strategic independence

In light of current developments, we in Volt Europe call on the European Union and its leaders to respond swiftly and appropriately with a coherent EU-Russia policy based on the following points:

  1. Find a peaceful solution: war is the consequence of failed diplomacy and must be avoided. The Volt demands of the Russian Federation - also in the interests of Russian citizens and the Russian economy - to stop the threat to Ukraine's territorial integrity.
  2. DONE.
    New and more sanctions: in coordination with the US, NATO and other partners, we should raise the cost to the Russian government as much as possible if it makes good on its threats and invades Ukraine.
  3. End Europe's dependence on Russian gas: The EU should take urgent action to reduce imports of Russian gas, including by taking ambitious steps towards scaling up its own zero-emission energy sources
  4. Support the Ukrainian authorities in their reform efforts: the EU should continue to support Ukraine's economic and political reforms in line with the guidelines set out in the 2017 Association Agreement.
    Continued humanitarian support: In the event of an invasion, a At least 3 million people in eastern Ukraine already need humanitarian assistance. The EU must do its utmost to help and avert a humanitarian crisis.
  6. And finally, Volt calls on Europe to create a genuine European defence, so that in the medium and long term we can ensure the security of both the EU and Ukraine, and stand guard for Western values and democracy against the growing threats from the world's autocracies.

For more information on Volt's position on Ukraine, follow us here https://www.volteuropa.org/European-Response-At-The-Ukrainian-Border