Constitution Day Speech - 5 June 2020

Constitution Day Speech - 5 June 2020

5 Jun 2020

Volt Constitution Day speech

By Kathrine Richter and Alexander Nielsen, co-leads, Volt Danmark

Are you worried that our Danish values ​​and legal principles are under attack? - Are you worried about rise of the extreme right-wing and populism in Danish politics?

I am.

My name is Kathrine Richter, I am co-lead of Volt Denmark and thank you for taking two minutes to listen to this Constitution speech.

I find it very worrysome when certain politicians, through lies and manipulation, take being Danish as hostage - as though this happens in your name - in my name, in the name of all Danes.

It worries me because these politicians are trying to rewrite Denmark's history. Danes have always been good tradesmen and good diplomats. So when one attempts to draw a picture of our nation as one that is sufficient in itself - can manage just fine on its own?

That is simply wrong.

A nation that can just pull out of international conventions because respect for human rights and the rule of law does not apply to them?

THis is why I would like to use my Constitution speech to not only pay tribute to the Constitution, but pay tribute to the conventions and international treaties that visionary Danes entered into and which Denmark has benefited greatly from since - yes, actually exists because of.

Our treaty-based world gives Denmark a voice on the global stage that we would never have had if we accepted some schoolyard principle where the bigger ones dominate the small.

This is most relevant today where 5.8 million living in Denmark coexist with the 720 million people in Europe and almost 8 billion on our common planet.

Our participation in the European cooperation, in the UN and NATO are clear examples of institutions that give Denmark a voice in the world.

But - these institutions only exist because all the countries respect the treaties and conventions that created them.

Our international conventions allow us to trust each other even if we do not know each other.
Our human rights mean that we can count on each other and these rules are essential to our international, peaceful society.

That is why I stand today, on this Constitution Day, and say something as simple as paying attention to the extreme right-wing and populism - they do not serve us.

They do not serve us as parties such as Nye BOrgerlige, Dansk Folkeparti and the government post doubts about the importance of our treaty-based world community.

Therefore, I will not only pay tribute to the Constitution but also pay tribute to the conventions and treaties that are the contracts we have signed with the world's 8 billion other people.

Like our Constitution which is our contract with our community here in Denmark.

Denmark is part of the world - I think we should continue to be.

Glædelig Grundlovsdag