Volt in Denmark

Sharing our best ideas means looking outward towards others as well as seeing how we share our know-how with others. This is how we can create a new way of doing politics and a stronger Europe.

We are a European political party with a strong local anchorage and we believe that 21st century politics must be based on scence and best practices, not ideologies. Here are some of the main priorities that we want to work for in Denmark:

Prioritise the Sustainable Economy

a local Green New Deal!

  • Stop støtte til fossile brændstoffer
  • Skab et stabilt, elektrisk netværk og samfund
  • Bæredygtigt landbrug
  • Cirkulær Økonomi
  • Klimasikkerhed og adaptation
  • Støtte bæredygtig energi med atomkraf

Empowered citizens for a stronger society

Let's improve Citizen engagement

  • Free and engaging medias
  • Institutional transparency and removing Offentlighedsloven!
  • Citizen Assemblies on the agenda!
  • Applying for EU funding should be made easy

Education is the first step to the Future!

  • Challenge public school reform, put students first!
  • Support special needs children!
  • More study centres with online training facilities
  • Boost University capacity and free the Science!

Boost Health Care sector!

We need to ensure help is there!

  • Improve access to medical assistance across Denmark
  • Improve salary and retention
  • More effective medicine purchases and increase international treatment options.
  • Better use of international best practices.

Let's build an economy for the future

Progressive and green!

  • Let's develop the future of work
  • International taxation must be made easier
  • New housing forms as a social driver

More Denmark in Europe!

  • Remove our Opt-outs
  • Support a Pan European refugee system
  • Stop the border control