Smart State

Part of Volt Europa's 5+1 challenges

An innovative state improves conditions for society as a whole and benefits from its development. This means focusing on infrastructure, equal access to services and learning from others.

Volt Danmark will focus on improving the conditions for getting an education by creating the courage in Denmark to look to the future and invest in more free research. Volt will strengthen all parts of the education system.

This means greater access to guidance and counselling so we become more aware of our options, and we will put critical media consumption on the agenda.

Language training is an essential part of our education system and this goes for migrants in Denmark too. Danish as a foreign language must be free and accessible, because language is a gateway to understanding a country's culture.

An innovative state takes care of its citizens and at the same time is ready with flexible solutions. We therefore want to strengthen both our digital AND our human solutions. Secure sharing of health data must be accompanied by resources that do not fail patients or our valuable caregivers at all levels.

Volt wants a cohesive society that empowers citizens and allows them to contribute new ideas and solutions where it makes sense.Let's make our future a Smart one!

YouTube: Smart State | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

Health Care system

Our health care system must be the best!


An efficient and sustainable healthcare system emphasises prevention rather than treatment, reducing the human and financial cost of disease management.

Volt wants to have a first-rate healthcare system. Seeing a doctor or specialist within a few days needs to be possible and obtain timely treatment will reduce overall costs associated with waiting lists.
We support all endeavours to improve access to mental healthcare and we must ensure that the digital solutions available to the medical community are efficient to all users and we want to foster closer collaboration between medical professions concerning physical, mental and social health will be key to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

An efficient healthcare system maintains sustainable hiring practices. This includes efficient evaluation of credentials of foreign trained health staff so we can both employ eligible staff and exclude those who violates medical principles.

We advocate transparency in procurement processes and we advocate open criticism of systems and our health system needs to be improved by listening to those who work in it and then politicians have to deliver the money. 


App Development as an everyday thing!


Coding and app development are part of the future and we want to democratise access to that knowledge. We want to support local organizations that provide education and training and we will invest in material and opportunities for app development to be as easy as writing a formatted email.

We envision a digital task force that, through citizen meetings and practical visits, seeks out citizens’ needs and submits citizens' ideas in open tender. We want to make citizens’ stakeholder interest in the ideas and to support an offer with the opportunity to buy the idea makers free to participate in the development.

Support Special Needs Children


We want to strengthen special needs classes by first strengthening the education that equip educators to take care of those who face life with the greatest challenges. We also want to strengthen primary and secondary school teachers to empower their students in creating a rewarding and edifying school environment with respect for diversity and the calm to learn.

By strengthening and increasing the opportunities for children, we also support the parents and we empower the teachers, pedagogues and educators. In doing so, we aim to provide a safe environment for those who start with a little more difficulty than others.

Other ways to achieve a Smart State?

  • Danish lessons must continue to be free!
  • We must invest in education in general, not cut costs
  • EU funding for research should not trigger savings. Instead, Denmark should match up to 50% of funding received from the EU. It ensures that EU funds are used for research and Denmark's investments go towards maintaining and developing our research and education sector.
  • Transport must be electricity-driven and the diesel-powered car must be phased out.
  • Increased research into nuclear solutions - specifically focusing on development of next generation reactors (RMSL) and storage of nuclear waste
  • We want to strengthen police action against corruption charges and strengthen Whistleblower protection.
  • A smart state supports its artists and we want to increase cultural support for museums, artists and dissemination of art.
  • Special Education and Mentorship must be strengthened and be active components of our children's school day.
  • We also support increased cigarette and alcohol prices, as abuse of both can lead to serious illnesses, cognitive and physical injuries, and reduce quality of life at worst. Increased prices must be accompanied by active smoking cessation courses and active dissemination of the damage caused by smoking.
  • Work to decriminalize the use of drugs as we have seen it work in Portugal.