Social Equality

Part of Volt Europa's 5+1 challenges

Volt wants an equal society where individual potential can be unlocked, and Volt wants to lead the way

We still see discrimination against minorities, LGBTIQ+ and access to abortion is still illegal in a handful of European countries. Volt is actively working for equality and wants to lead by example.

We need to be courageous and human in how we work with homelessness, abuse and domestic violence and implement solutions that have a positive impact.

YouTube: Social Equality | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

Housing first


Housing is the path to increased social equality and we must build new types of housing that are smaller, more sustainable and more suitable for diversity. Venligbolig+ in Frederiksberg municipality is an example of an effective partnership that creates housing and community for people of different backgrounds and we want more of this!

Ensuring quality of life in death


Quality of life. Though we work hard to control our destiny, our opportunities and our life, the right to end it with dignity through assisted suicide is not yet possible in Denmark. Volt wants this right to be afforded people who wish to end their life in dignity through the means of assisted suicide in addition to the measures already in place for terminally ill patients, who may receive a lethal medical dosage if they consent and fully cogniscent of their decision. This is also in addition to the Treatment Will (Behandlingstestamente) in which a person can express their desire not to receive life extending treatment under certain conditions.
Such decisions should be made in close cooperation with professional medical staff.

Volt supports the legalisation of assisted suicide for competent adults who suffer from constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated.

SU is an investment!

all EU members states should introduce SU

SU Denmark investing future

There is a continuous attack on Danish education funding - STOP NOW!

We will comment regularly on the various attacks taking place and gather them all in one place. This highlights the support, criticism and opportunistic view of SU by parties and organisations.

We believe that all countries in Europe should introduce SU! Let's ensure that all young people are better able to shape their own destiny.

All our comments on why we believe SU is a benefit!

In what more ways can we achieve greater Social Equality?

  • More quality guidance in schools, focusing on self-esteem, personal development and mental health;
  • Total prohibition on conversion therapy to members of the LGBTIQ community
  • We support both the freedom to cultivate one's religion and the freedom to be free of religion. Therefore, we will equate atheistic associations with religious groups and make it possible to deduct donations from tax and give them tax exemption;
  • Focus on homelessness and follow the Housing First initiative, which is almost solved by the problem of homelessness in Finland;
  • Support banning of slot machine annotations and usury loans;
  • Support collaboration between child and senior institutions and by supporting mentoring schemes.