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There are many ways to become a part of Volt - full member, active volunteer by joining our events, follow our newsletter or join our Whatsapp group. Choose what works for you on :

Members are part of Volt Europa - the first pan-European party!
If you want to engage with our European level work, then it makes sense that you become an active member.
Use our sign-up form: and say YES! You want to be an active part of Volt Europe.

Next step is that you will be contacted by a Volt member (maybe from another country?) and together we will find out how you can best contribute to Volt and get a stronger sense of where we are going as a movement and party.

You will be able to vote directly on our pan-European policies and as a member of Volt Europa we expect you to collaborate with other volts across Europe on lots of projects, election campaigns, development, training or just fun!

Annual membership: 200 DKK (Students 150 DKK)
Mobilepay: 74865
Bank transfer: Danske Bank: 9570 - account 12651953.
IBAN: DK6295700012651953

Media Liaison for the local elections

Do you want a career in EU journalism? Start here!


Is this you?

  • You dream of a career in EU journalism!
  • You're ready to test yourself with good people!
  • You want to have a European network!
  • You think political communication is really exciting!

Volt Europa is the first Pan-European Party and we are running for the first time in the local elections this November. We are therefore looking for one or more volunteers.

What's in it for you?
Volt works across Europe and leading up to the local elections, we have a Danish focus.
You will therefore be part of our pan-European network, where you will be exposed to all the work we do across Europe. Corruption in Bulgaria, gender equality in Malta, legal reservation in Denmark and election coverage in Germany this September.

So you get to create a unique network of committed Europeans and you get to test yourself!

Moderate online and physical debates, write columns in collaboration with political leaders, build a framework of experience in international politics, create press contacts in Denmark and Brussels and keep the pressure on the Danish media agenda to get better coverage of Europe in Denmark.

Plenty of opportunities to test yourself, strategic leadership opportunities and a network across Europe.

You will be supported by our European Media Relations team and your task will be to put our policies into play in a Danish context.

Unfortunately, we can't pay you. We're sorry about that, because we'd love to - but we hope that with all of the above you'd be willing to put in a few hours and please share the posting with your friends!
If you're interested, give me a call or drop me an email!

Kathrine Richter - Co-President, Volt Danmark

Volt Danmark Presse

Want to join our Campaign team?



We are running for Municipal Elections in Denmark and you will join our campaign team that is coordinating and leading our election strategy in collaboration with other Volt teams and our Campaign Election Hub.

We will draw experience from Volt Nederland and support Volt Deutschland, who will stand for national elections in 2021.

To join this team, you must be a member of Volt Danmark and expect to spend 6-10 hours of work per week and be comfortrable in English.

Email - att: Campaign team

Community Lead



As Community Lead you help support the Volt atmosphere, you organise events and help our new members to settle in Volt.

You are socially engaged and as a Community Lead you will be in charge of implementing our Buddy system that connect our Volt members.

You will be introduced to Social Innovation Strategies and what we call the Volts Way of Doing Politics. In the long term we hope to nominate you to take part in an online Harvard Kennedy Course in Community Organizing.

You must be a member of Volt Danmark and count on 1-2 hours of work per week.

Email - Att: Community Lead

Communications Team

Say You, So Me?


Being part of our communications team mean that you help tell the story of Volt.

The communication team collaborates with people across Europe, we share campaigns, ideas and develop concepts across common platforms.

Weekly calls with Volt Europas communications team ensure that you are aware of what is happening in the rest of Europe and can take advantage of it.

You will learn about social media campaigns, press work and text design.

You must be a member of Volt Danmark and count on approx. ½-1 hours work per day on weekdays.

Email - Att: Communication

City Leads

Release the Volt potential where you live!


Our City Leads coordinate the work for their city. Together with City Leads from across Europe, we hold joint calls a few times a month to share great ideas and experiences-

You will be part of a European network and get a lot of support.

As City Lead, you will arrange regular Meet-Ups so more people can meet Volt - you will be onboarding new members and we would like to see that you are 2 on the job so you can be helped.

As a City Lead, you are in the forefront of managing the team - you may not want to be a political candidate, but if you have political ambitions, that is great.
You must be a member of Volt Denmark and count on approx. 4 hours of contact time per week.
Interested? Email -att: CIty Lead

Policy Team

Future #MadeInEurope


You will have the opportunity to develop policy ideas on all levels with Volt - at European level for the European Parliament elections in 2024, for our next parliamentary elections and until the municipal elections in 2021.

Volt makes policy based on our European values, with a view to the requirements of the Paris Agreement and with science at the forefront. You can join conversations on a lot of different topics with the aim of creating policies that we go to for election.

Whether the election takes place in France or Finland, you can help shape Europe. You must be a member of Volt Danmark and expect 2-5 hours work per week.

The working language is English when operating at European level, but not a requirement at local level.

Email - att: Policy