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Let's get Denmark's European Party
on your ballot

Volt is the future of Danish and European politics
because our future needs cooperation, not competition.

We are facing new challenges and to face them, we need new politicians. Politicians who not just claim to think differently, but demonstrate it every day.

Our policies are written and developed by members and experts and all Volt members can vote for our policies. This is how we ensure that our policies reflect the challenges and ambitions faced by citizens across Europe and how we ensure coherence, locally, nationally and at European level.

We have identified 5+1 major challenges and we are working hard to solve them!

  • Smart State - we need innovative solutions in our society
  • Economic Renaissance - our work life and our economy must be sustainable
  • Social Equality - without social justice, we have a society in chaos.
  • Global Balance - we are connected across borders and we must act accordingly
  • Citizen Empowerment - all citizens are ressourceful in the betterment of our society!
  • + EU reform! - we need to reform Europe's institutions so they work for us - more transparency and local connections!

We have big challenges right now and we need everyone on board ! That's why we need Volt - the first pan-European party, a party that WANTS Europe.
A party with fresh visions and ambitions for Denmark in Europe.
To that end we need to collect 71.000 voter declarations as soon as possible - support now and tell your friends about Volt - REMEMBER: Volt delivers political solutions!

Go to www.vaelgererklaering.dk and start your endorsement now!

You need to login to NemID/MitID and then you can start your endorsement of Volt to the European and National election

REMEMBER: Your can support Volt for the European Parliament even if you have endorsed another party for the national elections. You have two endorsements to use as you wish!

Visit www.vaelgererklaering.dk and choose 1.Igangsæt vælgererlæring.
Log in with NemID/MitID and then you can support Volt in the Danish Parliament AND the European Parliament.

I endorsed a different party - can I still support you?

YES - for the European Parliament election


We want to run for the European Parliament in 2024 and if you have endorsed a Danish party for the National Election, then you can still endorse Volt for the European Parliament election.

You can endorse us here

I am EU citizen living in Denmark - can I endorse Volt?

YES - you just have to register


All EU-citizens who live in Denmark and who voted in Denmark for the European Parliament 2019 can endorse Volt for the European Parliament.

Have you moved to Denmark after 26 May 2019?
Then you can register to vote in Denmark

Information on how to register to vote in English

Can I join ?



If you want to help shape Europe, join Volt today!

As a Volt member you can develop politics with other Europeans across Europe, - you can help shape and execute campaigns and through all our different projects you will create lifelong networks and friendships across Europe.

We choose Europe and so can you: https://volt.team/join

To be on the ballot for an election is the first step to enabling the change we want - will you support us? With just 2 clicks and the use of NemID, you can confirm that you would like to see Volt on your ballot at the next election.

EU citizens living in Denmark can endorse Volt for the European election.
Danish citizens can endorse Volt for Danish Parliament - Folketinget while all residents in a municipality can endorse Volt for the local elections which will take place on 16 November 2021.

Endorse Volt NOW!
Grab your NemID and visit www.vaelgererklaering.dk

The website is in Danish - if you have problems or questions about registering your endorsement, please email kontakt@Voltdanmark.org and we willl assist you.