Values Over Power - Get Engaged!

Values Over Power - Get Engaged!

21 Nov 2020
Values over power
Values over Power

Values Over Power

In Volt Europa we work together to develop our continent, our institutions, our democracy and our ability to improve the lives of every European Citizen.

We rest on the fundamental values of the European Union: Human Rights and Dignity - Liberty - Democracy - Equality and Rule of Law.
This page lets you know more about the issues that we are focussing on and what you can do to get get engaged!

Hungary and Poland VETO the EU budget #NotInMyName

Volt supports the #NotInMyName launched by Hungarians and Poles to stop the veto


On 10 November, the EU budget including the Covid19 recovery package was blocked by Hungary's Orbán and by Poland's Mateusz Morawiecki. Why? Because EU funds are now conditional to adherence to Rule Of Law.

For while the EU may have been founded on trust, it has now become apparent that we need to safeguard democracy and basic elements of Rule of Law. European member states support the proposal that EU funds must be conditional to adherence to Rule of Law.
A poll even confirms that 72% of Hungarians and 72% of Poles also want such a connection.
Even the former extreme right-wing party Jobbik (they wore brown shirts and made local 'guards' among other things) are against Orbán's veto.

But looking at Mr Orbán and Mr Morawiecki's democratic track record, how can we be surprised?

After Orban came to power, he established a new constitution which violates Human Rights.
Open letter from Human Rights Watch, 2011.
Review of impact of new Hungarian constitution, by Human Rights Watch 2013.

The new constitution included a new election law which was passed at a record-setting pace.
The proposal was presented to the Hungarian parliament 2 minutes before midnight and implemented at midnight. The election law heavily favours the winner of elections, meaning that while Orbán only received 50% of the votes, his party holds 70% of the seats in Parliament and it became more difficult for small parties to be elected.

In the European Parliament, Orbán controls 13 MEPs in the EPP group, where the Danish Conservatives have one candidate.
In a sharp analysis by Prof. Daniel Keleman, he concludes:

"The EPP has protected Orbán for political gain — to ensure it remains the largest and most powerful bloc in the EU. But this week its pet autocrat turned against his long-time protectors, threatening the pandemic recovery plan championed by the EPP’s de facto leader German Chancellor Angela Merkel."

The EPP has no control over Orbán, but they could choose to oust him and turn his 13 Fidesz parliamentarians lose - but the EPP continues to protect Orbán. They say he's easier to control within the system, but does this seem like control to you?


Ask your Member of European Parliament: Why do you continue to let Orbán stay in EPP?
Find your MEP here

Support Bulgarians in their protests against the government!

Bulgarians been protesting since 9 July against a corrupt government - EPP says nothing!


ON 8 October, the European Parliament adopted a resolution that voiced strong support for the Bulgarian people.
The EPP leadership told its MEPs to vote it down.

We are curious and maybe you are too, why Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People's Party, why he is not standing up for Rule of Law! The EPP drags its heels when its member parties - such as the Bulgarian government party GERB - act in conflict with our most basic European values.

Spend 5 minutes and send this email to Mr. Weber's offce - the email address is

Dear Manfred Weber,

I write to you as you are the leader of the EPP group. With such power comes a Pan-European responsibility, and it is deeply disappointing that you accept the Rule of Law violations in Europe and the infringements on the most fundamental rights of European citizens. The EPP has a track record of failing to handle the autocrats within its ranks, and leaders such as Boyko Borissov can continue without consequence.

By defending Borissov’s government, the EPP is fueling anti-european populism in Bulgaria, and hurting the European project. I call on you, and the EPP leadership, to reconsider your support for the GERB government, and to use your considerable influence to choose values over power.