Mega Volt flag street action Rome





A European party for our shared challenges.

Climate. Labour market. Economy. Defence. Health. Migration.

These issues require Paneuropean cooperation which Volt delivers!

Volt is the first Pan European political party and movement. Brexit, Trump and right-wing nationalism - as these events took place, citizens needed a platform and a shared voice with which to make a difference!

Shouting from the sidelines was no longer enough, no longer an option. So we launched the political party and movement, Volt, and all over Europe, we are now building our movement because THE FUTURE IS MADE IN EUROPE!

Our shared challenges are too big to face alone. Individual countries cannot single-handedly manage issues like migration, labour market, economy, energy and CLIMATE!
These are challenges that do not stop at our borders. So we need a political party with the abilities to connect people, find solutions, run campaigns and win political battles to solve our shared challenges!

We are a people powered movement - not top-down.
Our political approach is one based on science and by citizens, determined to make our society fit for generation's to come!

We will achieve this by running for elections and engaging with civic issues on local, national and European level. We will create a new way of working together, to boost democratic participation and connect solutions with people.
We are living in the 21st century - its time for our politics to catch up!

Join Volt today - join our European meetings every 22nd of the month on our Discord server, join one of our Danish meet-ups or actions one of these things:

Future made in Europe